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Billie Eilish pays tribute to late 'Euphoria' actor Angus Cloud at Lollapalooza event

Billie Eilish dedicates headlining set at Chicago's Lollapalooza music festival to late Angus Cloud

By Web Desk
August 05, 2023

Billie Eilish pays tribute to late Euphoria actor Angus Cloud at Lollapalooza event

Billie Eilish is honouring the late 'Euphoria' star Angus Cloud.

The late "Euphoria" actor Angus Cloud received a brief but heartfelt homage from Billie Eilish on Thursday during her headlining performance at Chicago's Lollapalooza music festival.

Eilish sang Labrinth's "Never Felt So Alone," a song with vocals of her own that can be found in "Euphoria" season two.

She uttered "RIP to Angus Cloud, everyone" in front of a swarm of admirers in Grant Park in Chicago.At his family's Oakland, California home, Cloud, who was most known for playing Fezco in the popular HBO series, passed away on Monday. He was 25.

According to a statement from the actor's family, Cloud recently had his father buried, and he "intensely struggled with this loss."

In the wake of his passing, a number of Cloud's "Euphoria" co-stars have also expressed condolences, including Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney, who described the actor as "an open soul, with the kindest heart" and someone who brought laughter to the room.

In an Instagram post, Zendaya stated that the actor's "infinite beauty" is beyond words to express.

“I’m so grateful I got the chance to know him in this life, to call him a brother, to see his warm kind eyes and bright smile, or hear his infectious cackle of a laugh (I’m smiling now just thinking of it),” she wrote.

“I know people use this expression often when talking about folks they love... ‘they could light up any room they entered’ but boy let me tell you, he was the best at it.”