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Tristan Thompson's brother Dishawn seemingly disses his ex Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson's brother Dishawn appears to be accusing his ex Khloe Kardashian of lying

By Web Desk
July 29, 2023
Tristan Thompsons brother Dishawn seemingly disses his ex Khloe Kardashian
Tristan Thompson's brother Dishawn seemingly disses his ex Khloe Kardashian 

Tristan Thompson’s brother Dishawn appeared to have accused his ex Khloe Kardashian of lying about being there for their other brother Amari post their mother Andrea Thompson’s sudden death.

Taking to Instagram, Dishawn seemingly dissed the reality TV star of using his mom's death as a "storyline" for her family’s hit show The Kardashians season 3.

In the season finale of the show, the Good American co-founder revealed she asked Tristan and his brother Amari, who has a neurological disorder and needs to be taken care of, to move in with her after their mother’s passing in January due to a heart attack at age 53.

Soon after, Dishawn shared a post on his handle which read, “Death for a storyline,” and “don’t believe everything you see or hear on social media 95% is a lie" seemingly dissing Khloe.

However, he later deleted the post from his social media account. 

The episode showed Khloe, Kris, Tristan and Kim Kardashian flying to Toronto after his mother’s death with Khloe making it clear that she has not reconciled with the athlete.

“Tristan has a house he's doing construction on and he's been renovating,” she said during the episode. “He was able to live there during renovations, but we had crazy weather for California, like extreme rain, and Tristan's roof caved in on his home and caused flooding.”

“So Tristan and Amari are staying at my house right now, until his home gets fixed,” Khloe revealed then in a confession she added, “Tristan and I are not back together. I know it's hard for everyone to believe, but I love love love Andrea and I love Tristan, I love Amari, and this is what family does.”

She continued: “Tristan is the father of my kids, you know. I've lost my dad, and my dad was like a fairy tale parent, but still I can't wrap my head around losing my mom, and I know how close Tristan and his mom are, and it's just heartbreaking, and to be left with the responsibility of another person as well, it's a lot.”

Khloe went on to add that Amari has been “having more seizures than normal because he's just…” as Tristan finishes, “adjusting.”

“I'm grateful that I'm strong enough and brave enough to be a support system for someone else that has no other support system right now,” she said. “You don't have to treat me right for me to treat you right. It's not the way I was raised.”