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Cardi B says feud with Offset was not 'Jealousy' promotion

After a public fallout, Offset and Cardi B released 'Jealousy'

By Web Desk
July 29, 2023
After a public fallout, Offset and Cardi B released Jealousy
After a public fallout, Offset and Cardi B released 'Jealousy'

In Cardi B and Offset's relationship, public rants are common, but the former denied the recent tiff was to promote their new track, Jealousy.

Responding to one user after he insinuated allegation that the duo had staged a the drama in lieu of getting eyeballs on their latest music video.

The hip-hop star slammed those speculations on Instagram, "It wasn't no STUNT," adding, "Tasha K made some ish up, and yall was laughing about it and happy *** hell about it. Now that we putting it in the music is a stunt … Naaa baby be mad at the one who started trolling wit it,"' referring to her defamation lawsuit case win against blogger Tasha K.

"THEY *** WAS SO WET WHEN THE LIE WAS GOING AROUND NOW it's a different narrative when we put it in the music ….OOOO IM POPPIN IT ON THIS SONG !!!!, the rapper fired off tweets.

In June, matters came to a head between the married couple on the internet after the former Migos rapper accused his better half of having an affair.

"My wife *** a N---- on me gang yall n---- know how I come" Offset claimed on Instagram.

Soon the 30-year-old responds her "cheater" hubby in her way on Twitter Space.

"First of all, let me say, you can't accuse me of all the things you know that you are guilty of. Sing it with me, y'all! And I see that it is easy for you to blame everything on me. Yes, honey!" as she sang Keyshia Cole's I Should Have Cheated's initial verse in her response.

"Listen, don't pay attention to that country man," she addressed to 31-year-old fans.

"That **** spiraling and thinking **."

The rapper added, "Come on, y'all. I'm *** Cardi B **. I think sometimes *** forget I'm Cardi B. If I was giving this ** to anybody, it would be out. I'm not just anybody."

However, a tipster tattled to PEOPLE that the couple was having "a little quarrel":

"They're very intense so go back and forth quite a bit. They'll hash it out like they always do."

But as they launched their music video Jealousy together, it seemed they had put their differences to bed.