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Meghan Markle’s story ends ‘on wedding day’ with Prince Harry

Experts have bashed the context of popularity associated with Meghan Markle because she ‘just married rich’

By Web Desk
July 23, 2023
Meghan Markle’s story ends ‘on wedding day’ with Prince Harry
Meghan Markle’s story ends ‘on wedding day’ with Prince Harry

Prince Harry has just been ridiculed for his fame, and the decision to marry Meghan Markle because she’s only become famous by association.

Accusations against the Duke of Sussex and his lack of intrigue have been commented upon by Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burell.

All of this has been shared as part of Mr Burell’s feelings towards the royal.

He broke it all down for Slingo and started the conversation off by saying, “What else is Harry famous for, being royal?”

“Meghan is famous for becoming royal and that’s their story,” after all.

In the end, it’s merely the truth that “both Netflix and Spotify signed up for that content, for their story, for their experience with the royal family and sadly, I think it’s been a shortcoming.”

In the middle of his chat Mr Burell even went as far as to add, “[The Sussexes] should have seen it coming, they have a professional set-up. They should have known what to expect,” but “somebody’s had the wool pulled over their eyes.”

Regardless, “they’ve seen it now and I think this goes hand in hand with Meghan and Harry’s decreasing popularity on both sides of the Atlantic…”

“I was in America a month ago and people that I spoke to, just ordinary people, said that they were sick and tired of it and they were no longer interested in the Meghan and Harry story,” Mr Burell also recalled before signing off and concluding the chat.