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'Barbie' was called 'man-hating feminist trash'

It seems 'Barbie' may not be featured in some's watchlist

By Web Desk
July 23, 2023
It seems Barbie may not be featured in somes watchlist
It seems 'Barbie' may not be featured in some's watchlist

Barbie has hit a chord with many viewers around the globe; however, some of them are not over the moon about Greta Gerwig's new 'feministic' offering.

The conservatives are open in arms on Twitter expressing their disgust on the film promoting "woke culture"; some even called the movie “man-hating feminist trash”.

Below are some of the views of the critics of the Mattel doll.

In other news, Barbie reviews are here, and apart from Margot Robbie's performance and Greta Gerwig's direction, Ryan Gosling was hailed in the film, with many calling for an Oscar nod for the actor.

On Twitter, fans shared their view on the Canadian star's silver-haired Ken.

"Barbie looks camp right in the eye and turns it into a post-modern meta exploration of existentialism, feminism, the patriarchy and masculinity packaged in a satirical musical comedy homage to the fabric of cinema. It is *the* movie of our time. Ryan Gosling, the Oscar is yours," one reviewer penned.

While another added, "Ryan Gosling's performance as Ken was oscar worthy. One of my biggest doubt was him but I'm glad he proved me wrong. He stole the show for me! Margot Robbie, ofc, fantastic as always. She looked like an actual Barbie the entire movie. The Kens dancing sequence was just wow!"