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Greta Lee revisits waitressing as she reveals she sold ‘pork buns’ to actors now her co-stars

Greta Lee says the actors she served don't remember it but she won't disclose their names

By Web Desk
June 19, 2023

Greta Lee has recently disclosed that she used to work as a waitress in New York City before gaining fame for her roles in popular TV shows like The Morning Show. Interestingly, she has served some of the actors who are now her co-stars.

In the new issue of PEOPLE magazine, Lee said, “They don’t remember that I once sold them pork buns.” The 40-year-old thinks the incident “wild” but will not let slip the names of the colleagues, “I could, but I'm choosing not to,” she said evasively.

For the actress and writer, getting her first big role at 40 “is a total dream,” but as a mother of two “It's a sharp pivot from great reviews to ‘Where is my breakfast?’”

The Russian Doll actress shares sons Apollo, 6, and Raphael, 4, with her husband, writer-actor Russ Armstrong, 39.

Lee began her career in 2010 with the Broadway show La Bête and worked as an MTV VJ. She was later noticed for her performance in the play 4000 Miles, and subsequently got her role in Girls. She then went on to star in Russian Doll and The Morning Show.

“I love her more than anything,” Lee’s The Morning Show costar Jennifer Aniston said of her. “Not only is she an absolute joy to have on-set, she’s brilliant and so great at what she does. I don’t even know how to put words to it,” she told PEOPLE.

Lee, on the other hand, remembers screaming into the pillow out of happiness at being offered the role.

Her movie Past Lives will release in America on June 23.