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Prince William angers King Charles' supporters for upstaging the monarch

Prince William and Kate Middleton have come across as an ambitious couple

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June 19, 2023
Prince William angers King Charles supporters for upstaging the monarch

Prince William has received backlash for trying to upstage his father King Charles after Trooping the Color.

The Prince of Wales was accused of playing dirty as he released a picture with his children shortly after the ceremony.

The picture released by Kensington Palace knocked King Charles off front pages of several British newspapers, angering supporters of the royal family.

Even Prince William and Kate Middleton's staunch supporters criticized the couple for pretending that Birthday Parade was about them.

Richard Eden, a senior British journalist known for his criticism of Harry and Meghan and who is seen as an admirer of the royals, also questioned the timing of Kensington Palace's move.

Prince William angers King Charles supporters for upstaging the monarch

Many people among the royal supporters believe that Prince William would not wait for his father to die and would some how became the King in his life.

Trooping the Colour, the annual military parade to mark the British sovereign´s official birthday, took place on Saturday, with King Charles III inspecting troops on horseback.

The colourful display of regimental precision and pageantry was the first of 74-year-old Charles´s reign, and also the first time a ruling monarch will ride at the event since his mother Queen Elizabeth II in 1986.

Charles´s actual birthday is on November 14 but British sovereigns celebrate twice -- once in private and again in public.

The June parade tradition began in 1748 under King George II, who wanted a celebration in better summer weather, as his own birthday was on October 30.