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Netflix’s ‘You’: Penn Badgley hints at return of Jenna Ortega in final season

Penn Badegley teased familiar faces making a comeback including Jenna Ortega’s character in Netflix’s ‘You’

By Web Desk
June 18, 2023
Netflix’s ‘You’: Penn Badgley hints at return of Jenna Ortega in final season
Netflix’s ‘You’: Penn Badgley hints at return of Jenna Ortega in final season

Penn Badgley teased fans that fan-favourite role of Jenna Ortega may return as he glimpsed into the upcoming fifth and final season of Netflix thriller series, You.

In a teaser released during Netflix’s Tudum fan event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Saturday, June 17th, 2023, Badgley, the star of show, talked about the “epic conclusion” of his murderous stalker character, Joe Goldberg.

Based on the novels by Caroline Kepnes, You, centres on Joe, a book-loving, hopeless romantic with a penchant for stalking and killing the women he (claims to) love.

The fourth season of the show ended in London with a full-circle moment for Joe who, joined by rich widow Kate, returned to New York where the series started in Season 1.

In the teaser, Badgley speculates “who” will come up against Joe, when he finally returns to New York. While he added that he cannot say who, just yet, the actor teased that there are many “loose ends from his past.”

In the video, fans were treated to clips of several people Joe has wronged over the past four seasons.

For example, there’s the falsely imprisoned Dr Nicky (John Stamos) from Season 1, orphaned Ellie (Jenna Ortega) from Season 2 and the bougie Conrads (Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle) from Season 3, just to name a few. At this point, however, Badgley can’t reveal which one of Joe’s surviving victims will return in Season 5.

“I think it sets us up to actually have a really great finale season,” said Badgley in an interview with Tudum ahead of Season 4’s debut. “Can his inner monologue evolve some now? What does it mean for him to accept himself?” (And how will his planned new bookstore fare in the city’s unforgiving retail market?)