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Phillip Schofield's TV career is over?

Phillip Schofield breaks silence on claims he has a new job in TV

By Web Desk
June 10, 2023
Phillip Schofields TV career is over?

Former This Morning star Phillip Schofield reportedly thinks his TV career is over after leaving ITV over his affair with a younger colleague.

Phillip Schofield's representative has responded to rumours the former Tv presenter is set to join the likes of Piers Morgan and fellow ex ITV star Jeremy Kyle over on TalkTV.

Andy Barr, an expert, told the Daily Star: "If the current media spotlight reveals no new allegations then this is entirely recoverable for him and TalkTV could be the perfect place for him to start again in a high profile media environment." 

Andy suggested Phillip to take time out from the spotlight to protect his mental health, sayin: "I think the public will expect him to have a career break before announcing his comeback."

However, Phil's lawyer has responded to the claims and predictions, saying: "Absolutely not as far as I know," he told the Mirror when asked if Phil is set to make a return to our screens on TalkTV."

Piers Morgan has publicly sympathised with Phillip following his own abrupt exit from ITV's Good Morning Britain in 2021 after he accused Prince Harry's wife Meghan Markle of lying in her bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview.

"Phillip Schofield is a broken guy, he’s not going to work on television again almost certainly. He’s lost everything in his life. I don’t know what more the baying mob on Twitter wants from Phillip Schofield that he hasn’t already lost?”

He described Phil's initial downfall as "brutal to watch" before hitting out at the, "ruthless backstabbing in the world of daytime television."

"One minute Schofield was the undisputed king of morning TV and fast heading to bona fide national treasure status – the next he's a dethroned, shamed, vilified, national disgrace and social media laughing stock," Piers wrote.

The 61-year-old Tv presenter, in conversation with The Sun, revealed that whilst he has no idea what the future holds for his career, he hopes one day he could return to a job in TV.

Phillip, announced his exit from This Morning on May 20, added: "I don’t know whether anyone would want my name linked to them. But that’s all gone. I have to come to terms with that."