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Diego Luna reflects on secretive 'Rogue One' audition

Diego Luna got 'secretive' vibes from initial audition for the 'Star Wars' movie

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June 09, 2023
Diego Luna got secretive vibes from initial audition for the Star Wars movie
Diego Luna got 'secretive' vibes from initial audition for the 'Star Wars' movie 

Diego Luna was caught in a highly-secretive moment when he was invited to meet the Rogue One director.

In a chat with Variety's Actor on Actors series, the Andor actor revealed, "It was the first time such secrecy happened around anything I was going to be part of," he said, adding the setting seemed to be some spy-thriller flick.

"I was asked by my agent to meet someone for something that couldn't be said on the phone," he continued. "I went into a meeting in a restaurant that was completely empty.

Adding, "There was a guy sitting in the corner with a computer open, and this was Gareth [Edwards], the director. I sat down with him, and it was just us for four hours."

The Star Wars star explained, "That meeting was for, of course, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first of Disney's non-episodic Star Wars films."

But, Luna aired his disbelief to the director about securing a huge role in the sci-fi universe.

"I said to him, 'But I don't see myself here. I love these films, but how do I fit here?'" he questioned.

"No one has my accent. I've never thought this could be possible."

Despite reservations, Edwards convinced him to onboard.

Notwithstanding, Luna-starring Rogue One and Andor was the most successful addition to the Star Wars franchise.

Meanwhile, the filming of season 2 is currently commenced in London, with the release date slated for August 2024, but the writer's strike impact on the series is also expected.