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Brad Pitt used to 'sneak into' THIS actress room: Read

Brad Pitt was romantically linked with Geena Davis

By Web Desk
June 08, 2023
Brad Pitt used to sneak into THIS actress room: Read

Brad Pitt and Geena Davis raised a lot of eyebrows with their sensational love scene.

The actor, who played Geena's love interest in film Thelma and Louise, would often sneak off to visit his offscreen ladylove.

Geena played the of Thelma Dickinson in the movie while Brad played drifter J.D.

Speaking about their romance, Hollywood Reporter notes how Brad would "sneak off to visit his secret girlfriend [Geena], after Thelma wrapped, [with Jason] noting that the far more famous actress refused to visit Pitt’s frat-like West Hollywood duplex."

Brad himself gushes over Geena in an earlier interview, gushing over her 'sweet' nature.

He told W magazine about their intimate scene in the movie, iterating how the actor had been "so sweet" whilst working on the film.

He commented: "Geena was so sweet and kind and delicate. That love scene, I think, went on for two days of shooting. She took care of me."