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'Succession' fails to impress Stephen King

Stephen King is known for sharing his opinions on various TV shows and movies

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June 06, 2023
Succession fails to impress Stephen King
'Succession' fails to impress Stephen King 

Stephen King, acclaimed author and avid pop culture observer, recently expressed his lack of interest in the HBO series Succession.

In response to a New York Times article questioning the significance of the show's discourse, King took to Twitter and snidely remarked, "NYTimes headline: SUCCESSION is over. Why did we care? Here's a newsflash for you: A lot of us didn't."

While Stephen King is known for sharing his positive opinions on various TV shows and movies, his rare outpouring of negativity towards Succession stands out.

King has previously expressed interest in shows like The Wire and recently showed enthusiasm for the horror show From. However, Succession, already acclaimed by critics and with a dedicated following among fans of prestige TV, has been quite a success without King's endorsement.

TV series Succession concluded in the last week of May with its finale addressing who will inherit Waystar Royco.

The hit HBO series' finale garnered 2.9 million views. This marks the show’s largest audience, a 5% increase from its previous record of 2.75 million viewers registered by episode 6 of season 4, in April.