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Expert analyzes Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori 'absurd' church outfit

Body language expert says Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori appears ‘trapped, helpless’ in bizarre church look

By Web Desk
June 06, 2023
Expert analyzes Kanye Wests wife Bianca Censori absurd church outfit
Expert analyzes Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori 'absurd' church outfit 

Kanye West’s bride Bianca Censori did not look like she was enjoying her time in absurd outfit for the church service.

Discussing the headline making appearance of the Praise God hitmaker with his wife, a body language expert told The Sun that Censori gave off “submissive” vibes in her absurd dress.

On Sunday, West, who goes by Ye, and the architectural designer, attended church service in attention grabbing black outfits.

While Ye wore shoulder-padded T-shirt and sock shoes, Censori opted for body stocking-style black outfit that shrouded her entire body, also featuring a padded ring encircling her shoulders and neck.

Speaking of their outfits, Judy James said, "Bianca’s outfit here has created some truly shocking body language signals.”

"She looks trapped and constrained,” the expert added. "Sadly, this makes her pose appear helpless and totally compliant. She also looks like she fell down a downpipe and got stuck.”

The expert continued: "Her arms are held close to her body and her hands are folded. In one moment, Bianca's head appears to be bowed.

"Even when Kanye tweaks the look for her there is no sign that her eyes are anywhere but downward,” she added.

As for the controversial rapper, the expert said, "Kanye's dominant, splayed walk with the padded biceps implies strength. It all contrasts with her submissive, diminished poses.”

"Kanye’s own outfit also suggests a physical Alpha presence,” she added, "But Bianca's bowed head and downcast eyes in these photos don’t seem to signal that she’s having the best time fun-wise.”