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Is Phillip Schofield's career over? His future prospects discussed

Shalit said: 'The most important thing is Phillip hasn't broken the law'

By Web Desk
June 04, 2023

Former This Morning host Phillip Schofield’s career is still not over as a showbiz expert claimed.

The star, aged 61, who left the show with immediate effect last week has said he fears that he will never work again following the scandal over his affair with a much younger colleague.

But the chairman of a showbusiness talent agency, who counts former This Morning host Eamonn Holmes among their clients, has said that Schofield's time on television may not be over, claiming that 'time heals'.

InterTalent boss Jonathan Shalit said: 'The most important thing is Phillip hasn't broken the law.

'Today is a very dark day and the last few weeks have been very tough for him.'

Talking to GB News, he made a comparison to another scandal from ITV when in 2019, The Jeremy Kyle Show was cancelled after a guest died by suicide, the Sun reports.

Mr. Shalit said: 'I think the one thing [Phillip] should hold on to is that time heals.

'Look at Jeremy Kyle, when that terrible thing happened on his show. He was out for a while and now he's working. People do come back.'

The talent agent added that there was no reason why Holly Willoughby's career should be affected by the scandal in the long term.

He said that Holly had made it clear that she did not know about the affair and there was no way to show that she did know.

It also comes after This Morning editor Martin Frizell suggested ex-stars of the show are 'settling scores' amid accusations of a 'toxic' work environment.