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Talullah Willis expresses gratitude to fans for reading her emotional essay on Bruce Willis

Talullah Willis says she wants her article on Bruce Willis’ health scare to resonate with people

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June 03, 2023

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Bruce Willis' daughter Tallulah Willis expressed gratitude to her fans for reading her heartbreaking article in Vogue about Bruce Willis’ health struggles. 

The 29-year-old talked to Entertainment Tonight after penning the heartbreaking article on The Sixth Sense star’s Aphasia diagnosis while also opening up about her own struggles with body dysmorphia and anorexia.

Speaking of the response she got after the article was published, Tallulah said she hopes she could “open up the space for things to resonate for people” in future as well.

"I mean, the response has been so unbelievable, and I'm incredibly grateful, not only for the people that have reached out, but for Vogue and Anna and Rob and everyone that was a part of getting that there," Tallulah said.

"And I think that for me, I hope that whatever anyone needed to take from that, they can take from it. I don't necessarily want to dictate what they needed to take from that,” Bruce’s daughter with his ex-wife Demi Moore added.

She continued: “I think that that's their truth, and I just hope that there can be more moments that I can help open up the space for things to resonate for people."

Tallulah went on to reveal that her family was also touched by the article as she said that they were "very proud" of her for not only talking about Bruce’s but also her own health struggles.

The Whole Ten Yards star then dished on what she wants her readers to think after listening to her and her family’s emotional battle.

"I think that as with every person and every moment, there is so much power in kindness and patience and compassion," Tallulah said. "And I think that can be true for every person and every moment.”

“And it doesn't matter, or it doesn't necessitate sadness, or grief or loss, but obviously, those things can help in those moments. But I think those are really important things to always live by."