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Britney Spears supportive of kids' moving to Hawaii amid estrangement

Britney Spears 'consents' her boys, Sean Preston and Jayden, to move to Hawaii with their dad Kevin Federline

By Web Desk
June 01, 2023
Britney Spears supportive of kids moving to Hawaii amid estrangement
Britney Spears supportive of kids' moving to Hawaii amid estrangement 

Britney Spears is supportive of her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden's relocation to Hawaii with their father Kevin Federline despite reports circulating of her no response. 

The Hold Me Closer singer’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, ripped the former backup dancer by sending his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, a letter addressing his "false" claims about Spears not responding to their request.

Slamming the interviews he gave to different media outlets, he called-out Kaplan for creating “unnecessary drama” and mentioned that Spears never had any issues with her boys relocation, reported Page Six.

The lawyer dismissed all the allegations brought against Spears not complying with their demand of issuing a proper letter to allow the teenagers to move with their father.

In his letter issued to K-Fed, he pointed out that the exes’ eldest son, 17, will “no longer be a minor” when he turns 18 in September, while their younger son, 16, is also “nearing the age of maturity.”

“To her credit, Britney Spears will not interfere with and consents to the relocation,” Rosengart penned, adding, he “did not anticipate a dispute” when Kaplan first approached him with the matter back in April.

Rosengart shared that he asked Kaplan to keep the matter “private” for “the sake and dignity of all parties involved, including the children.”

“I was particularly concerned because your client previously — and appallingly — violated their privacy, while egregiously violating Britney’s privacy, by releasing a private video of Britney with her children, which was preceded by a tabloid television interview,” Rosengart said referring to the video of Spears seemingly shouting at her sons which was released after Federline claimed in an interview last year that the boys do not want to see their mother.

He went on to criticize Kaplan for taking the matter to the media and telling them that Federline would take Spears to court if she does not consent the kids’ move.

“It was more than disappointing that you nevertheless chose to publicize this matter, creating unnecessary drama and a false ‘dispute’ by publicly discussing the issue and your letter,” Rosengart penned.

“When I called you yesterday to express my dismay that you had done so, you denied doing so. Apparently, you did not realize that [TMZ’s] May 30 story itself literally quotes you as the story’s source,” he added.

Further bashing Federline and his attorney, Rosengart said his interviews, in which he threatened Spears giving her a “deadline” to give her permission regarding her boys’ relocation, “served no good faith purpose,” and called his tactics “undignified, ungracious and unnecessary.”

“It was also ironic, given the statement in your April 28 letter that in addition to an employment opportunity in Hawaii for Mr. Federline’s wife, the children wanted to be ‘more sheltered from the media’s scrutiny.’ That is commendable. But your media interview did nothing to shelter them; instead, it publicized the issue in the media,” he penned.

Before concluding, the former prosecutor hailed the Toxic hitmaker as “an icon, loved and respected by millions throughout the world,” as well as a “loving and supportive mother, faithfully supporting” her kids despite their estrangement.