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Gigi Hadid believes controversial Matty Healy is ‘bad news’ for pal Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's friends concerned for her amid her romance with controversial musician Matty Healy

By Web Desk
May 31, 2023

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Gigi Hadid fears Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend Matty Healy is a “bad news” for her after the singer father’s concerns were revealed earlier this week.

The supermodel along with some other friends of the Anti-Hero hitmaker are “concerned” for her because of the controversial past of the The 1975 frontman.

“They’re concerned he could be bad news because he’s got a dark past,” an insider spoke to Radar Online of Gigi and the rest of Taylor’s close friends.

Earlier this week, a report by the publication revealed that the superstar’s father, Scott Kingsley Swift, is “wary” of her new love interest due to his “wild past.”

The insider said. “Scott is wary of any man Taylor dates and questions if Matty has an agenda or is using her for fame.”

“He’s definitely keeping a close eye on Matty — mainly because of his wild past,” the source added.

However, Taylor believes Matty is the "one" for her as she has allegedly vowed to stick by his side despite all the criticism he has been receiving since they started dating.

“Everyone says they’re moving fast, but they’ve known each other for years, so it’s not surprising that they’ve gotten hot and heavy so quickly,” an insider said of their romance.

“Taylor’s really into Matty and vice versa,” the source added, “It’s a real thing.”

Healy’s controversial history includes his addiction with heroin and prescription drugs, as well as some of his remarks that did not sit well with a lot of people.

The musician even misbehaved with fans during concerts which includes kissing fans and touching himself on stage, as per the publication.