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Arnold Schwarzenegger exits 'Expendables' franchise officially

Arnold Schwarzenegger was in 'Expendables' for Sylvester Stallone

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May 31, 2023
Arnold Schwarzenegger exits Expendables franchise officially
Arnold Schwarzenegger exits 'Expendables' franchise officially

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the cause of sitting out in the upcoming The Expendables 4.

During an interview with Parade, The Terminator star said, “It's done and I'm not in it. I said, 'You know what, we have done this and I'm out of it.'

The actor continued, “And [Stallone] really understood. I did [the first Expendables] as a favor to Sly. I shot it on a Saturday for two hours quickly in a church with Bruce Willis. Sly said, 'Oh, can you do Expendables 2?' and I did that for a weekend. Then it was expanded for Expendables 3. And that was it. We're going to do something together one day."

In other news, Netflix has roped in action hero Schwarzenegger as the new chief action officer, as the star revealed in the streamer's promotional video on Youtube.

"No one loves action as much as I do," the actor continued. "That's why I've accepted the big new job as Netflix's chief action officer."

"Nobody knows action like I do, and nobody hits like Netflix," the 75-year-old raved about his upcoming debut show Fubar on the streamer on May 25