Friday September 29, 2023

Priyanka Chopra admits she wanted to date Prince William

Video of Priyanka Chopra saying she wanted to date Prince William surfaces after Kate Insulted in Citadel

By Web Desk
May 24, 2023

An old video of Priyanka Chopra talking about her desire to go on a date with Princess William has surfaced online after the actress received backlash for allegedly insulting Kate Middleton, William's wife.

In the video, Chopra says she wants to go on a date with Prince William. "I would like to go on a date with him. I would really like to know what royalty at 33 is like," she says in the video while responding to a question.

Chopra's interview was apparently recorded seven years ago since Prince William is 40 years old now.

Priyanka Chopra angered royals fans by referencing Kate Middleton in her Amazon series titled "Citadel".

Social media websites are flooded with posts against the Indian actress after the latest episode of the series was released.

Priyanka, who is married to US singer Nick Jonas, has been accused of targeting the Princess of Wales to please her friend Meghan Markle.

The supporters of the British royal family said the actress "crudely and unnecessarily referenced Catherine in her Amazon flop series."

They said Chopra's move confirms that she and Meghan are hurting to see Kate thrive.

In an episode of the show, Priyanka's character Nadia Sinh instructs her partner Mason Kane (Richard Madden) to meet with crime leader Balduino Basto (Sen Monro) to broker a deal with the military.

It is during this meeting, that the character says, "The chief of armed forces? You might as well have asked me how to get between the legs of the Duchess of Cambridge!"