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Beginning of the end? Ben Affleck wants space from wife Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck asking Jennifer Lopez to give him space amid marriage troubles, source

By Web Desk
May 19, 2023

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Ben Affleck needs space from Jennifer Lopez as he is fed of up of taking orders from her amid rumours the duo may part ways due to singer’s controlling nature.

The couple has been spotted bickering on multiple occasions including the premiere of J.Lo’s latest film The Mother and another time when Affleck was captured slamming a car door after Lopez got in.

Speaking to Heat Magazine, a source said the Air director is “burnt out” and just needs to have his own space as managing their blended family and work is becoming hectic for him.

“Ben’s been a real trooper in taking J-Lo’s orders for so long, but there was always going to be a point where he'd snap and insist on having his own space," the insider said.

“He’s burnt out and finally sticking up for himself,” the source added.

Speaking of the Shotgun Wedding star’s solo appearance at Met Gala, the insider revealed that she tried hard to get him to agree to come to the festival but he did not budge.

"J-Lo tried everything to get him there, but he wasn’t having it,” shared the insider. “Truth was, Jen felt lonely and embarrassed on the red carpet.”

Defending Affleck’s need for some space, the insider said the actor-director has insisted that it won’t be the “beginning of the end” of their relationship.

“Ben needs space and won’t be putting himself in these boozy environments surrounded by posers. He swears it’s not the beginning of the end, but they just need some time by themselves for a while.”

The insider went on to add that Ben Affleck is “swearing” he is going to be his “own man,” that too, not on the cost of his marriage to beloved wife.

“Ben’s swearing he’s going to be his own man again,” the source said. “He wants the marriage to last, but not if it means being dragged around.”

“J-Lo has got to process this and deal with it – and that’s going to be one hell of a challenge.”