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Kim Kardashian thinks she's 'helping' North become 'famous' by 'pressurizing' her

Kim Kardashian reportedly putting a lot of pressure on her daughter North West to make her 'famous'

By Web Desk
May 17, 2023
Kim Kardashian thinks shes helping North become famous by pressurizing her
Kim Kardashian thinks she's 'helping' North become 'famous' by 'pressurizing' her

Kim is under the wrong impression that putting pressure on her daughter North West would make her "famous."

The reality TV megastar who takes her nine-year-old to fashion events quite often “thinks” she is helping her first born by pressurizing her.

In a chat with Life & Style, a source said The Kardashians star said has “high hopes” for her daughter she shares with ex-husband Kanye West.

“North is Kim’s first born. She’s always had hopes for her, but the pressure she puts on her, which may be unintentional, is real,” the source revealed. “Kim really thinks she’s helping her daughter.”

The insider went on to share that even though North goes on fashion shows and events with her parents, she has dreams of her own which she wants to achieve.

“North wants to be a big star, she says she wants to be bigger and more famous than her mom and dad. That’s an enormous amount of pressure to put on a little kid,” the insider said.

Kardashian has often faced criticism online for not letting North grow up like a normal kid. She recently dropped a photo with her daughter in which they both are wearing similar black leather outfits.

“It’s North’s world, I’m just in it,” Kardashian penned in the caption.

However, it did not sit well with some of her followers on Instagram as one wrote, “Don’t make her grow up too soon.”

“Is she 9 or 19?” one wrote while another commented, “She is only 9. Why are you making her grow up so quickly?”