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Angelina Jolie afraid of being left alone, 'petrified' of her kids moving out

Angelina Jolie reportedly fears all her kids will move out and she will be left alone

By Web Desk
May 15, 2023
Angelina Jolie afraid to being left alone, petrified of her kids moving out
Angelina Jolie afraid to being left alone, 'petrified' of her kids moving out 

Angelina Jolie has fear of being left all alone as her kids are growing old and finding their partners. 

This comes as the Maleficent star's son Maddox is ready to start dating but the actor is afraid of losing her son.

Jolie does not want to hold her 21-year-old back from dating anyone, however, she wants him to not make any mistakes while finding a partner.

Speaking to Heat Magazine, the source said that Jolie is also “petrified” of the idea of her kids moving out of her house and leaving her all alone.

“Maddox is ready to meet that special someone, but Angelina’s wary,” the insider said. “She’s fiercely protective of all her kids in this way, especially Maddox, who’s always been the apple of her eye and her main protector.”

“Truth is, Angie wouldn’t mind if he stayed single for years to come,” the insider added. “She’s so attached to her kids and petrified at the idea of them moving out and leaving her.”

“She insists to Maddox that she’s not trying to block him from him dating at all, but he needs to be very picky and wise with his choices,” the source said.

“He trusts his mum totally, but he’s at that age now where he really wants to get out there and make his own choices. He respects that her intentions are good, but at almost 22, it’s time to be his own man and dive into the dating scene.”

Jolie shares Maddox along with Pax, Zahara, Shiloh Knox and Vivienne, with her ex-husband Brad Pitt.