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Dave Chappelle says San Francisco needs 'Batman'

Dave Chappelle voiced his recent uncomfortable incident in San Francisco

By Web Desk
May 15, 2023
Dave Chappelle says San Francisco needs Batman
Dave Chappelle says San Francisco needs 'Batman' 

Dave Chappelle has ripped San Francisco apart in his surprise gig at the SF Masonic Auditorium.

The controversial comedian slammed the city's growing homelessness crisis in what he called a "second home," according to SFGate.

"What the *** happened to this place?"

Later, the 44-year-old told an awful experience where he was at an Indian restaurant in the city's Tenderloin district.

However, as he walked in, a homeless person defecated in front of the restaurant.

The Netflix star lamented that San Francisco had turned into a "half 'Glee,' half zombie movie," adding that the Golden City became Tenderloin, infamous for crime, homelessness, and drug problems.

"Y'all [expletive] need a Batman!" the comic stated.

Previously, Chappelle bagged Grammy for Best Comedy Album for his controversial Netflix special The Closer.

Meanwhile, Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr said on the comedian's nomination, "We don't control who the voters vote for."

He continued, "If the voters feel like a creator deserves a nomination, they're going to vote for them. We're never going to be in the business of deciding someone's moral position or where we evaluate them to be on the scale of morality," he added.