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‘Dead Ringers’ earns Rachel Weisz round of applause at Cannes

In the Prime Video series 'Dead Ringers', Rachel Weisz portrays twin sisters who are cut-throat obstetricians

By Web Desk
April 17, 2023
‘Dead Ringers’ earns Rachel Weisz round of applause at Cannes
‘Dead Ringers’ earns Rachel Weisz round of applause at Cannes

Rachel Weisz left the audience at the Lumière Auditorium in Cannes thoroughly impressed with her performance in the new limited Prime Video series Dead Ringers.

Weisz plays twin sisters who are ambitious obstetricians in New York, Beverly and Elliot, who want to revolutionise the birthing system by creating a birthing centre.

The series, based on the novel "Twins" by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland and previously adapted by David Cronenberg, was well-received for its humorous and emotionally-charged first two episodes.

However, some viewers walked out due to the graphic depiction of medical procedures and childbirth. Despite their similarities, the sisters' differences begin to create tension as they pursue their goal. The show also features Jennifer Ehle as a wealthy patron who helps the sisters.

Earlier during an interview with PEOPLE, the Oscar winner, 53, revealed that she was influenced by S** and the City while playing identical twin sisters, in the remake of David Cronenberg's graphically creepy 1988 film starring Jeremy Irons.

"S** and the City came up more than anything," Weisz, who also serves as an executive producer of the show, revealed.

"I think all the writers would say that we're indebted to S** and the City."

Describing the Prime Video series as "a deliciously wicked drama," Weisz added, "It's our own cocktail, a real genre mashup — Sex and the City plus a little horror."