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Prince Harry’s UK trip ‘tested the waters’ before he decided to attend the Coronation

Prince Harry arrived in London to attend a preliminary hearing in his privacy case against Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL)

By Web Desk
April 02, 2023

Prince Harry’s London visit this week for the preliminary hearing in his case brought against Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) for unlawful information gathering, possible had an ulterior motive.

According to a Washington-based British business development consultant and a regular royal commentator on US television, Hilary Fordwich, the UK visit may have been a way to ‘test the waters’ before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a decision on the Coronation attendance.

Fordwich told, “Perhaps his appearing in London, unannounced, to attend the court case was ‘testing the waters’, taking one link at a time in the chain of destiny to help the couple decide.”

A rep for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed that they received the invitation for King Charles’ Coronation last month. However, the couple did not divulge whether they would be attending the ceremony in London on May 6th, 2023.

If the couple decides to attend, Fordwich foresees some problems which she termed it as a “lose-lose” situation.

“On the one hand, if they do accept their invitation the likelihood of being booed by the British public, whom they threw under the bus, is highly likely,” she explained.

Citing recent polls and the couple’s remarks about the Firm’s racism in their Netflix documentary, the expert said, “With their comments regarding racism in the wake of the Brexit vote (thereby insulting 17.4 million Brits) as well as the insults to the treasured royal family, recent polls have shown how disgruntled and perhaps disgusted the public is with them.”

She added, “Let alone all those insults, allegations, revelations and indiscretions made in Spare, Harry’s spew-it-all memoir. These will no doubt also mean the couple will have a frosty, at best, reception from hard working senior royals and the extended royal family.”

However, she further explained that if the ex-royals were not to attend and “use the plausible ‘out’ of the Coronation” then they are “losing their relevance and money-making potential.”

She surmised, “Regarding lack of relevance Harry has always feared his limited ‘shelf life’ he has always known he would become irrelevant as soon as Prince George turns 18. The likelihood he will attend the Coronation, the most important day in his father’s life, is high.”