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Prince Andrew's daughter angered royals by hosting Harry in UK?

Prince Andrew's daughter angered royals by hosting Harry in UK?

By Web Desk
April 02, 2023
Prince Andrews daughter angered royals by hosting Harry in UK?

Prince Harry stayed with his friends in London during his latest visit to the UK, according to the local media.

The Duke of Sussex was in the UK for the first time since the late Queen's funeral.

He did not meet with his father King Charles or brother the Prince William.

Podcast hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie discussed where the royal stayed after being asked to "vacate" Frogmore Cottage earlier this year.

Fiorito said: "One of the big questions everyone is asking is where is Harry staying. Fox News has the scoop that he's staying with friends in London."

"I also saw he could be staying with Princess Eugenie. Obviously, they're very close. It is a big question because he's out of Frogmore Cottage at the end of March, that timing would also work out."

They were referring to Charles' decision to kick out Harry and Meghan out of their London home, months after his son released a tell-all book titled "Spare".

The book further deteriorated his relationship with the British royal family ahead of King Charles coronation.

Both Harry and Meghan enjoy good relations with Princess Eugenie who reportedly harbours anger against the royal family after what happened to her father Prince Andrew.,

Royal fans think Eugenie's relations with the royal family would be affected if she hosted Harry in the UK at a time when he returned to his country after targeting his father and brother in his book.

But it appears that she couldn't care less about what the royals think after her own father has been sidelined like Harry.