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Prince Harry ‘inflicted unimaginable pain’ on people who love him’ for catharsis

Prince Harry is being called out for having inflicted large amounts of hurt with his family revelations

By Web Desk
April 01, 2023

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Prince Harry has just come under fire for having inflicted a grave amount of hurt on others, simply for his own catharsis.

This warning has been issued by author Sally Bedell Smith.

Her admissions were shared on The Royal Report podcast.

There, she addressed her feelings about the Duke’s personal revelations, and claimed, “Well, I wish he hadn't. I really do.”

“Even though he was getting it out and having some kind of catharsis through that I think in the process he inflicted a lot of hurt on the people who loved him.”

“There was a really interesting piece that Patty Davis wrote about in her memoir, in which she was very tough.”

“She was the daughter of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and she was very, very tough on them and she wrote in this essay [saying] that she later lived to regret it, and she wondered if Harry might feel the same way because...he said very hurtful things.”