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Prince William should have ‘more empathy’ for Prince Harry’s trauma

Prince William has just been bashed for lacking empathy towards Prince Harry and his trauma

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March 31, 2023

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Prince William is being called out for lacking empathy towards Prince Harry

These claims have been issued by royal commentator and expert Alexander Larman.

The admissions were shared during a chat with Us Weekly.

There, he claimed, “To publish a book like Spare with that level of attack on your family is essentially ending any kind of relationship you’re ever going to have.”

Mr Larman however, also believes the Royal Family wound up ‘fumbling’ over the Duke’s story and thus, shifts the blame on Prince William.

“I think that William should’ve given an interview in which he extended the hand of brotherhood. He should’ve said, ‘We’re all very concerned about him. We understand that he had the most awful traumatic shock when his mother died so young. We know life has been hard for him’.”