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Prince Harry helped Prince William 'check his injuries' as he tackled opponents

Prince William and Prince Harry took opponents together during group fights

By Web Desk
March 31, 2023
Prince Harry helped Prince William check his injuries as he tackled opponents

Prince Harry admits he and Prince William were inseparable during their time in Africa.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex notes how he insured to distract opponents as William got back up to fight again.

He pens: “I don’t know how effective or skilled a fighter I was. But I always succeeded in providing enough diversion for Willy to get away. He’d check his injuries, wipe his nose, then jump straight back in. When the scrap finally ended for good, when we hobbled away together, I always felt such love for him, and I sensed love in return, but also some embarrassment.”

Harr notes: “I was half Willy’s size, half his weight. I was the younger brother: he was supposed to save me, not the other way around”