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Prince Harry paving his way to palace with thorns?

Prince Harry leaving nothing good between him and royal family?

By Web Desk
March 30, 2023
Prince Harry paving his way to palace with thorns?

Prince Harry's fight against the UK media suggests he has decided to say Britain and its people goodbye.

The Duke of Sussex, who's in the UK to attend his privacy case, seems to leave nothing clean between him the royal family, seemingly paving his way to the palace with thorns.

During his appearance in the court on the second day of hearing in privacy case, Harry said the royal family withheld information from him about phone hacking because they didn't want him to bring a claim as it would "open a can of worms".

King Charles III’s close pal assessed the situation after the Duke of Sussex’s blistering witness statement and it doesn’t sound like a reconciliation will happen - like, ever.

The source bluntly shared with the Daily Beast that "the trust is gone" between the Duke and the palace. 

That doesn’t come as a surprise after exiting his senior role, writing his memoir, Spare, and exposing the hypocrisy within the royal family in the Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan. 

“Harry has torpedoed any remaining bridges with this statement. It is just six weeks until the coronation and the last thing Charles needs,” the insider added.

 "The trust is gone and I think that’s been made quite clear by the king refusing to meet him," they added.

It seems that Harry's elder brother Prince William feels the same way about the Duke and does not want to show any positive gesture to him while he’s in town.

Prince Harry's recent moves suggest he has no plans to make amends with the royal family. It seems as he rather wants to reveal more things about the royal family to remain in the spotlight.