Tuesday November 28, 2023

Prince Harry doesn’t ‘waste any chance to aim a quick right-hook at The Firm’

Prince Harry reportedly ‘pops up like an aggrieved whack-a-mole’ to ‘have another go’

By Web Desk
March 30, 2023

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Experts warn that Prince Harry doesn’t ‘waste any chance to aim a quick right-hook at The Firm’.

This claim and accusation have been issued by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

According to the Courier Mail, “What has become clear this week is that Harry’s tell-all Spare wasn’t his final, parting shot in his fight against the Palace. Instead, the Duke is only going to continue waging his one-man war.”

“Confirmation of this came on the second day of the preliminary hearing, when Harry, via a witness statement, accused the royal family of covering up phone hacking, saying: "The institution was without a doubt withholding information from me for a long time.”

“Every time I think Harry must have said everything he could possibly say, allege, and sling overarm at the Palace, that he must surely be done with it, he pops up like an aggrieved whack-a-mole with a troop of high-priced lawyers (who must now basically be living in his pool house) to have another go.”

“Harry with his witness statement this week, is ploughing on, demonstrating a dogged, self-destructive refusal to seemingly waste any opportunity to aim a quick right-hook at The Firm.”