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Rakhi Sawant reacts to Priyanka Chopra's latest 'Bollywood controversy'

Rakhi says 'Priyanka should have spoken up before'

By Web Desk
March 30, 2023
Rakhi says Priyanka should have spoken up before
Rakhi says 'Priyanka should have spoken up before'

Rakhi Sawant reacts to Priyanka Chopra's latest Bollywood controversy, stays neutral while talking about the same. 

While talking to the media, Rakhi remarked: “Priyanka Chopra itna late kyun bol rahi hai? Earlier she used to do all the films. Why didn’t she open up then? Without taking sides, I love Priyanka, she’s my friend, and her mother is also my friend. Itne filmein kari, inte awards liye, Pinga Pinga gaana kiya, itne saare filmein kiye tabhi unhone kuch kyun nahi bola. Today she is settled in the US, why is speaking out now? Kyun kisi ko badnaam karna?

On one hand where Priyanka is being called out for her comments, on the other hand she is also receiving support from some of the actors; Kangana Ranaut being on the top of the list.

She showed immense support to Chopra through twitter. “This is what @priyankachopra has to say about bollywood, people ganged up on her, bullied her and chased her out of film industry” a self made woman was made to leave India. Everyone knows Karan Johar had banned her.”

“Media wrote extensively about her fall out with Karan Johar because of her friendship with SRK and movie mafia Cruella who is always looking for vulnerable outsiders saw a perfect punching bag in PC and went all out in harassing her to a point where she had to leave India”, wrote Kangana.

On the work front, Rakhi Sawant will be featuring in reality show Lock Upp, reports News18.