Thursday February 29, 2024

Prince Harry’s London Visit attempt to bring ‘sure-fire’ publicity to legal case

Prince Harry made a surprise return to the UK to attend a hearing at the High Court in London.

By Web Desk
March 29, 2023

Prince Harry’s arrival at London High Court amid his legal battle with against Daily Mail publisher Associated Newspapers, could be an attempt to deflect the attention from the Coronation.

Australian commentator Daniela Elser claimed that the Duke of Sussex’s appearance on Monday, March 27th, 2023, had ulterior motives for doing so.

“Harry’s trip to London has ‘stunt’ written all over it,” she wrote in her column for

“You see, Monday’s courtroom outing was only a preliminary hearing and Harry was not there to give evidence. Remote access was reportedly provided meaning that Aitch could have watched things online from the comfort of his Montecito meditation yurt.”

She continued, “First off the bat. Him turning up in person in the UK, only the fifth time he has done so in over three years, was a sure-fire way to ensure that the court case got serious publicity.”

However, she also posed another possibility. “Right now, if more than one million French people had not decided to take to their boulevards to burn things in protest over President Emanuel Macron’s unilateral raising of the retirement age, then Charles and Camilla would be in Paris for their first overseas state.

She added, “All of this Harry may have been aware of when he made the decision to return to the UK, meaning he possibly booked his tickets knowing that he would be making a splash in London while his father was trying his hand at regal statesmanship for the first time.”

Elser surmised that much of “the limelight, the attention, the juiciest real estate on newspaper front pages” would all go to the duke’s trip.