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Expert sees improvement in Harry's relations with royal family

Expert sees improvement in Harry's relations with royal family

By Web Desk
March 29, 2023
Expert sees improvement in Harrys relations with royal family

Prince Harry's relationship with the royal family has started improving.simce the release of his explosive book, said a royal expert.

The relations between Harry and the royal seemed to deteriorate after he released his book in January.

The Duke of Sussex levelled a series of allegations against his family in the book just days after he and Meghan targeted the royals in their Netflix documentary.

Speaking to GB News, Cameron Walkr said despite some improvement the relations still remain ,"pretty poor".

"I think King Charles would want his son to be at the Coronation, and Meghan as well, he said.

Mr Walker added,."I think it's more likely that Meghan and Harry will attend the Coronation."

He said this could be due to the fact the couple's two children are included in the line of succession, along with their new royal titles.

The expert said,"Particularly, given the fact that Buckingham Palace have now out on the website that their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, are prince and princess.

"Prehaps that was some, kind of, negotiation to see whether or not Harry and Meghan would attend the Coronation."

He added: "So I think relations are better now, prehaps, than they were in January, when the book first came out."