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Did Prince William ditch Kate Middleton for mistress on Valentine’s Day?

Prince William and Kate Middleton's picture-perfect marriage was first rocked by infidelity rumours back in 2019

By Web Desk
March 28, 2023

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Prince William and Kate Middleton make a picture-perfect couple, but there might be trouble in paradise as sneaky insiders have hinted that the Prince ditched Kate to spend Valentine’s Day with his mistress instead.

According to sources and ‘various UK outlets’ quoted by Marca, the Prince of Wales “spent Valentine's Day with Rose Hanbury who is a friend of Kate's.”

“They (William and Rose) were seen enjoying a romantic dinner together,” the outlet’s report stated, supporting their source by highlighting that just a few days prior to the loved-up holiday, The Daily Mail had reported that Kate 'didn’t expect' flowers from William on Valentine’s Day.

These allegations are not the first; back in 2019, it was first reported that Prince William had been seen enjoying an evening out with Rose, a close friend of his wife Kate, with the pair sparking affair rumours owing to their chemistry and alleged PDA.

The reports were soon crushed and the story remains a source of speculation for royal fans and experts.

Rose has since been allegedly banned from royal events following a reportedly huge row with Kate over her alleged affair with William; she has been married to David Rocksavage since 2009 and shares three kids with her husband.