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Babil Khan finally addresses 'nepotism' accusations

Babil Khan says, "I dont take ‘advantage’ of being Irrfan Khan’s son"

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March 28, 2023
Babil Khan says, I dont take ‘advantage’ of being Irrfan Khan’s son
Babil Khan says, "I dont take ‘advantage’ of being Irrfan Khan’s son"

Babil Khan was accused of using Irrfan Khan’s name to get work in the industry. He has been called a product of nepotism for multiple times and he has finally addressed that he has never taken advantage of his father’s name.

His debut film Qala was a huge success. In an interview with Hindustan Times, he talked about how he wants to give his best when he is working on something. “I am a person who wants to give the best when I am doing something. We shot this two years ago. I have grown as an actor a lot. So, I always wonder ‘I wish I would have done this or that’. But I also believe that whatever art you make has its own journey and you can’t bring your own ego into it.” He said.

Talking about the connection of his work with his late father, he said, “Baba’s entire work was always about the connect with people. He didn’t care about awards, or who was producing or directing him. He just knew he had to play this character and he would draw that from the people. That has come into me as well.”

He also clarified that he has never taken his father’s advantage to get work. “I don’t think my mother can ever pick up the phone and ask for a favour. I have to go give auditions else I would get such a thrashing at home.”

He further added, “Even now, I am giving auditions and I get rejected a lot. Even today, if there is an audition I really want to crack and I mess it up, she will be so angry at me. But she will never pick up the phone and say, ‘kara do isko (let him do it)’. That is against our values. I think people also understand that.”