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Prince Harry made Queen 'laugh' on final call before her death

Prince Harry spoke to Queen Elizabeth II during her final days

By Web Desk
March 27, 2023
Prince Harry made Queen laugh on final call before her death

Prince Harry is opening up about the last time he rang Queen Elizabeth II, four days before she passed away.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals he replayed the memories of his chat with Her Majesty as he was on his way to see her on the day of her death.

Harry pens in memoir ‘Spare’: “I spent much of the flight staring at the clouds, replaying the last time I’d spoken with Granny. Four days earlier, long chat on the phone. We’d touched on many topics. Her health, of course. The Braemar Games—she was sorry about not being well enough to attend. We talked also about the biblical drought.”

He adds: “The lawn at Frogmore, where Meg and I were staying, was in terrible shape. Looks like the top of my head, Granny! Balding and brown in patches. She laughed. I told her to take care, I looked forward to seeing her soon.”