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Prince William wants his father King Charles to abdicate?

Will King Charles give the crown to his eldest son, Prince William?

By Web Desk
March 26, 2023
Prince William wants his father King Charles to abdicate?

Charles III, who ascended to the British throne following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year in September, has delivered well-received speeches, connected with crowds on his “walkabouts” and seen his approval ratings shoot up dramatically after becoming king.

The 74-year-old might not be popular like his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, but he has so far proved to be a smart monarch with his sensible approach to deal with the issues and family crisis.

However, a question still persists about whether it would be best to leapfrog over Charles and give the throne to William.

Some royal fans and experts believe that people wouldn’t mind if Charles abdicate the throne for his eldest son as the the Prince of Wales is more energetic and very popular among his people, and his charming wife Princess Kate is also winning hearts with her dynamic personality and people friendly nature.

Even some royal experts believe that royal future rests on Kate and William's shoulders. But, royal insiders, say William is happy with his new role as Prince of Wales, and not in hurry to become king.  

For last couple of years, when pollsters asked, “Who Should Succeed as King” after the Queen died, the preferred royal has been William. However, the late Queen always signaled her support for Charles’s accession, most recently when she issued a public statement saying that it was her wish that Camilla, his wife, be known as “queen consort."

Abdication seems to be a very unpopular word in the context of the British monarchy, but there are few who who wish Charles would voluntarily retire at some point before his death.

There are speculations and predictions that King Charles knows he's a caretaker and would soon abdicate the throne for his son William.

While some believe that King Charles won't abdicate and will remain king for the rest of his life. If the monarch lives to the same age as his mother, William would be first in line to the throne for 23 years. 

However, William can be expected to take on more royal responsibilities as Charles has signaled that he wants a slimmed-down monarchy. That could mean more leaning on the future king.