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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry buy membership of LA's expensive club

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly pay $4,200 to dine with 'bigger stars' in Los Angeles

By Web Desk
March 26, 2023
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry buy membership of LAs expensive club

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are said to have bought membership to one of Los Angeles’ most exclusive private clubs to dine with Hollywood's stars, according to a report.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly pay $4,200 to dine with 'bigger stars' as they have bought way into the entertainment industry.

Meghan and Harry were pictured at the San Vicente Bungalows shortly after the couple were asked to vacate their UK residence, Frogmore Cottage.

The chic West Hollywood hotspot, owned by hotelier Jeff Klein, is a two-hour drive away from their lavish Montecito mansion, hosts "bigger stars" than the royal couple.

"I know that San Vincente has a back door for celebrities, so no one needs to see you coming and going. They’re really all about privacy. They have way bigger stars than Harry and Meghan coming in and no one will ever know they’re there," a club member told Page Six.

"But Harry and Meghan said, ‘We’re fine’ and that they didn’t need to use it. And even when they left, they used the main entrance," they added.

The California-based couple reportedly chatted with guests including actress Kate Hudson and ordered vast amounts of food which they "barely touched"

The move comes after a Redfield and Wilton survey conducted for Newsweek revealed that the Duke's net approval rating fell from -7 percent in January to -10 percent on February 19. Harry approval rating has dropped significantly by 48 points since December 5 where he had a positive score of 38 percent. Meanwhile, Meghan's rating fell by 23 percent since then after being at -13 percent in January.

Meghan and Harry, who have been invited to attend King Charles III' Coronation in May, are reportedly in touch with Buckingham Palace to fix the things before their return to the UK amid backlash in the US about the Duke's drug's claims in his memoir.