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'Scrubs' movie is 'inevitable' says showrunner Bill Lawrence

Writer and producer of the sitcom ‘Scrubs’ said a movie with the same cast is ‘inevitable’

By Web Desk
March 26, 2023
Scrubs movie is inevitable says showrunner Bill Lawrence
'Scrubs' movie is 'inevitable says showrunner Bill Lawrence

Writer and director Bill Lawrence relayed recently that the Scrubs cast is willing to join up for a movie at some point.

The American sitcom Scrubs' cast is often seen hanging out together, making a revival in some shape or form likely.

Speaking to Variety about his Apple TV+ series Shrinking, Lawrence gave an update on a potential Scrubs revival.

“I think it’s inevitable that it happens,” Lawrence said when asked about a Scrubs movie. “The joke of it with us is the first time that six months go by that we don’t hang out, we’ll end up doing a ‘Scrubs’ reunion.”

“In the greatest way, the cast of that show and the writers are so good that they’re all working. And the main reason to do something like that isn’t the work, it’s because we actually love hanging out.”

On a Scrubs reunion panel at 2022’s ATX Television Festival, Lawrence expressed the same intent.

“We’re going to do it because we’re lucky enough people care,” Lawrence said. “If you’re lucky enough to be able to work with the people you love, run to it.”

The inexhaustible showrunner, Lawrence has a lot on his plate right now including Ted Lasso, Shrinking, a Clone High revival, and the upcoming Apple TV+ series Bad Monkey starring Vince Vaughn.