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‘Shazam’ star says 'we desperately tried to get Henry Cavill in the first movie'

‘Shazam’ actor Zachary Levi opened up on off-screen disputes

By Web Desk
March 25, 2023
‘Shazam’ star says we desperately tried to get Henry Cavill in the first movie
‘Shazam’ star says 'we desperately tried to get Henry Cavill in the first movie'

Shazam star Zachary Levi continued his no-holds-barred approach as he dished on original film’s Superman cameo in post-credit scene.

The actor took to Instagram telling fans that "we have been doing everything we can to fight for you, the fans - yes even you fans that don't like me."

“All of you fans who love Henry Cavill, we tried desprately to get Henry Cavill in the first movie," he added.

"He wasn’t a headless Superman because we wanted him to be a headless Superman. We were thwarted. All of these hardworking people were thwarted. We were not allowed to have that happen."

The kid-turned-superhero also opened up on the Shazam-Black Adam crossover that didn’t pass the cut.

Adding that the original plan was for the post credits scene was “thwarted” where Shazam was roped into the Justice Society by Hawkman and Cyclone.

"I may or may not have, you know, reposted something in my stories about a story that I had nothing to do with, that [The Wrap] had reported on," Levi said. 

He further continued, "and then I got flack about it, because people were saying, ‘What are you doing? You’re trying to blame this guy because your movie’s not doing well.’ Listen, I haven’t blamed anybody. There’s not one single person that I have blamed for anything about the way that our movie has performed."

"People are slagging on James Gunn because Jennifer Holland, his wife who is an actor and is in Peacemaker and Suicide Squad… we used Jennifer and Steve in that scene in Shazam. That was not the original intent. The original intent was to have Hawkeye and Cyclone to be there inviting me into the Justice Society. Walter Hamada, Peter Safran, David Sandberg… we had an awesome scene and we were thwarted… I’m merely coming to the defense of the truth. Truth is good. We should all live in it,” he added.