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'John Wick' director imagines Cillian Murphy & Jason Momoa in future films

'John Wick: Chapter 4' director Chad Stahelski shared dream cast for the franchise including Jason Momoa and Cillian Murphy

By Web Desk
March 25, 2023
John Wick director imagines Cillian Murphy & Jason Momoa in future films
'John Wick' director imagines Cillian Murphy & Jason Momoa in future films

John Wick director Chad Stahelski shared his dream cast for the franchise and it includes Peaky Blinder's gangster Cillian Murphy and Slumberland's Jason Momoa.

The Keanu Reeves starrer John Wick films have proven to be the genre's most consistently successful one in the past decade, with the recently released John Wick: Chapter 4 setting a new record for the best Thursday opening in domestic preview.

In an exclusive conversation with Screen Rant Stahelski discussed John Wick: Chapter 4. 

When the director was asked about who he'd like to bring into the action franchise, he mentioned a list of dream cast, including everyone's favorite Murphy and Aquaman's actor Momoa.

"So many people. So many! Keanu and I have a whole board of people we'd love to work with. If you told me Cillian Murphy was going to be in a John Wick movie, I'd be like, "Oh my God!" If you told me Jackie Chan or Jet Li, or Jason Statham? If you said Stallone was going to make a cameo! I'm a little bit old school, so the dream list is, "Clint Eastwood is going to make an appearance." 

He went on adding more names, "Christian Bale, Chris Hemsworth, or Hugh Jackman; Matt Damon and all these people that I love. We're friends with Jason Momoa, and I can't imagine a better enticement than Jason Momoa coming in and giving you that look! Like, come on. These are all people we'd love to [work with]. Whether that's in John Wick or another project, I'm a fanboy just like everybody else. If I could work with those people, I would."