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Prince William expected Harry 'must come to him' to ask for help

Prince William confronted Prince Harry over not asking for help before Megxit

By Web Desk
March 25, 2023
Prince William expected Harry must come to him to ask for help

Prince William called out Prince Harry for not discussing his problems in times of need.

During a heated conversation between the brothers at Prince Philip’s funeral, the Prince of Wales told his brother it was his ‘fault’ for ‘not coming to us.’

Harry recalls: “I started to say goodbye, good luck, take care, but Willy was really steaming, shouting that if things were as bad as I made out, then it was my fault for never asking for help. You never came to us! You never came to me!”

The Duke admits: “Since boyhood that had been Willy’s position on everything. I must come to him. Pointedly, directly, formally—bend the knee. Otherwise, no aid from the Heir. I wondered why I should have to ask my brother to help when my wife and I were in peril. If we were being mauled by a bear, and he saw, would he wait for us to ask for help?”