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Gisele Bündchen talks ‘roller coaster’ relationship with Bridget Moynahan: ‘We’re team players’

Gisele Bündchen was in her initial days of dating Tom Brady when his ex Bridget Moynahan found out she was pregnant

By Web Desk
March 23, 2023

Gisele Bündchen got candid in an interview with Vanity Fair as she described her relationship with former husband Tom Brady’s ex, Bridget Moynahan.

The Brazilian model, 42, was married to the NFL quarterback, 45, for 13 years before they finalised their divorce in October 2022.

The ex-pair shares two children together: son Benjamin, 13, and daughter Vivian, 10. Meanwhile, Brady shares his eldest 15-year-old son John ‘Jack’ Edward Thomas with his ex Moynahan.

The model revealed she didn’t have a good relationship in the beginning with Moynahan, but she eventually warmed up as “love conquers all.”

“I say to Bridget—you know, I have a great relationship with her...” Bündchen told VF. “Everything in life comes with work. You have to go through the roller coaster. You have moments where you get to the sticky points and you’ve gotta overcome it.”

When Brady and Bündchen were in their initial days of dating, the NFL athlete found out that his ex was pregnant. When he told Gisele at the time, she first considered leaving the “challenging situation” but instead, she embraced Moynahan’s son as her “bonus child.”

Furthermore, with Jack’s arrival a few months later, it strengthened her bond to Brady rather cause strain. “When I met Tom, I was 26 years old, and I wanted a family. I felt so ready,” she explained to the magazine.

“Jack came into our lives and I felt so blessed, and it kind of awakened in me this desire of being a mom,” she shared.

“I’ve always dreamed of being a mom, but I think that happened a little faster than I thought, because now I have this beautiful little angel that I get to care for and love,” the Brazil native added of her stepson.

As for Moynahan, Bündchen said her “goal was always, ‘How can I be the most helpful? How can I make it the easiest I possibly can?’

“I put myself in her shoes and I was like, ‘How can I support her?’ Because in the end of the day, we are team players in ‘How are we going to do this so [Jack] can have the best life?'” she continued.

“We’re not playing against each other. We are a team, and that’s beautiful. I look back and I have no regrets. I loved every bit of it.”