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Prince Harry brutally mocked for a 'frostbite-and-all book'

Harry's memoir becomes once again the butt of the joke

By Web Desk
March 22, 2023
Prince Harry brutally mocked for a frostbite-and-all book

Meghan Markle's hubby Prince Harry's bestseller memoir has become once again the butt of the joke as an upcoming parody book is set to make fun of it.

The Duke of Sussex has brutally been mocked by the author of the Duke's memoir's parody version, saying the upcoming work is being described in a press release as a "frostbite-and-all book".

Spare Us!, published by Little Brown and written by Bruno Vincent, hits out at the Duke of Sussex's decision to reveal intimate details about his life and private conversations while also seeking a more private existence far from the British press.

Spare is being parodied in a spoof biography of Harry which promises to go "deep inside the castle walls" and expose "every shouting match, fist-fight, betrayal, teddy bear, awkward hug and tear-stained wedding rehearsal".

The front cover of the book, which is set to be released on April Fool's Day, also reminds the one of Spare, as it shows a close-up portrait of Prince Harry.