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'Dark Knight' alum David Dastmalchian is 'deeply grateful' of Christopher Nolan 15 years after reunion

David Dastmalchian and Christopher Nolan work together in 'Oppenheimer' after 15 years

By Web Desk
March 22, 2023
Dark Knight alum David Dastmalchian is deeply grateful of Christopher Nolan 15 years after reunion

David Dastmalchian is happy to be reunited with Christopher Nolan 15 years after doing Dark Knight with him.

On March 22, David Dastmalchian sat down for an interview with PEOPLE for the Hulu thriller Boston Strangler and also spoke about his mysterious role in  Cillian Murphy led Oppenheimer which reunited him with director Christopher Nolan.

"I'm so honored and grateful that I got an opportunity to go back and create a role with someone who changed my life, who gave me my first break, and who continues to inspire me,"  Dastmalchian, 47, shared of his feelings about Nolan, 52.

He continued, "I believe that what I got to see Cillian creating on set as well is going to really move people in a powerful way, and I'm just honored that I get to be a part of it in any way, shape, or form. I'm really, really blessed."

The actor also said that Dark Knight is what he is "most consistently" recognized for, and said he is "deeply, deeply grateful" for Nolan's contributions both to the movie industry and his own personal life, cited from PEOPLE.

"I'm just so deeply, deeply grateful for him, not only for all of the cinema that he's given us to enjoy, but for the opportunity he gave me and how much it changed my life and my family's life," he added.