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'Great Expectations' actor: 'I struggle being compared with my mates'

'Great Expectations' actor Olivia Colman initially hesitant to take the role

By Web Desk
March 22, 2023
Great Expectations actor: I struggle being compared with my mates
'Great Expectations' actor: 'I struggle being compared with my mates'

Olivia Colman said that she almost turned down Great Expectations offer due to her friendship with Gillian Anderson and Helena Bonham Carter.

Speaking to BBC News before the premiere, The Nights Manager actor said she hesitated to take up the role her former The Crown co-stars Anderson and Bonham Carter tackled.

“I really did struggle with the idea of being compared with my mates,” she added.

She continued, “[But] I did want to play [Miss Havisham] so I thought, ‘well, it’s what happens with all actors. You all end up playing the same parts sometimes, and that’s okay. So hopefully Gillian and Helly don’t think I’m doing a terrible job of this!”

The Oscar winner actor donned the Miss Havisham role in the upcoming BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens's popular novel.

Great Expectations is set to release on BBC One at 9 pm on Sunday, 26 March.