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Prince Harry hailed for helping people with ‘trauma’ in live therapy session

Prince Harry receives praises for his interview with Dr Gabor Maté following initial criticism

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March 21, 2023

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Prince Harry received praises for opening up about his trauma and helping others while doing so in his “live therapy session" by royal expert after initial criticism.

Hosts of Royally Obsessed podcast, Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito, discussed the Duke of Sussex’s live interview with Dr Gabor Maté while hailing him for being “incredibly brave.”

In his live session with the father-of-two, Dr Gabor diagnosed him ADD, PTSD, anxiety and depression on the spot.

“It did feel very much like a therapy session — a bit awkward at the beginning actually — but once they got into it, it was really interesting,” said Bowie.

“One thing I loved was how Dr Maté was very frank with Harry. But then he said he realised the universality of Harry's story and the humanity behind it and was actually really blown away by the book.”

To this, Fiorito said, “Yes, it's so much less about Harry's personal story and more about some of the bigger broader picture points that Harry [talks about].”

“I think it also helps other people realise. I liked the chat about trauma and redefining what trauma is. It's not the wound, it's the scar. And so I think that’s reframing a lot of things that we thought we knew.

“Most people would have tuned in to hear Harry talk, but I think it was really interesting to hear Dr Maté…it was like a therapy session for everyone,” she added.

Bowie went on to praise Harry for being “incredibly brave” to do such a “public self-reflection” as a part of his memoir Spare promoting deal.

“It was incredibly brave of Harry to do such a public self-reflection. This was likely a Penguin Random House setup, this was part of the deal. He had to do this promotion. This was selling the book,” she said.

“I think to allow someone in on a very, very candid and honest therapy session. I can't imagine doing that. And bravo to Harry for doing [it].”