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Harry, Meghan advised to keep 'low profile' so they won't turn into reality TV stars

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle told they'd turn into reality TV stars if they keep attacking Royal family

By Web Desk
March 20, 2023
Harry, Meghan advised to keep low profile so they wont turn into reality TV stars
Harry, Meghan advised to keep 'low profile' so they won't turn into reality TV stars

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been told to stop attacking the Royal family so to save themselves from turning into reality TV stars.

Speaking to The Express, a reputation management expert Edward Coram-James said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex public criticism about the Royal family won’t “serve them well.”

He suggested that the California-based royal couple should instead keep "a low profile" for some time and focus on their work as content producers.

"Reputationally, both professionally as well as personally, they will now wish to stop making any attacks on the Royal Family. From a professional point of view, it will not serve them,” Edward said.

"They risk looking like reality television personalities that rely on gossip and scandal to remain relevant, and it will detract from their aspirations to be taken seriously in the filmmaking space,” he added.

"Personally, whereas their recent book and series have won them some admirers, polling shows that it has won them even more detractors.

“The best thing that they can do, from either perspective, is to keep a low profile and go about making some well-produced films, preferably that focus on their environmental work, their work with veterans and their advocacy for the vulnerable.

The expert continued: "If such film proves to be high quality and well watched, then they will earn themselves careers and reputations as film-makers with actual clout, and not as one trick ponies."

Meghan and Harry's popularity has seen a massive drop in recent months in some polls carried out both in the UK and in the US.