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Ben Affleck ‘frustrated’ of Jenifer Lopez’s ‘diva demands’: ‘Nothing can make her happy’

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez having a 'terrible time' agreeing on their dream home as they hunt houses, claims insider

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March 20, 2023

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Ben Affleck is reportedly having a hard time accepting his wife Jennifer Lopez’s “diva demands” as they house-hunt their dream home.

An insider spilt to Heat Magazine that the Gone Girl actor and the Shotgun Wedding star are “having a terrible time agreeing on what their dream home is.”

The loved-birds were said to be buying a $64million estate in Pacific Palisades but it is a far from a done deal, with Affleck getting increasingly sick of his "hard-to-please wife's demands."

"They're having a terrible time agreeing on what their dream home is," shared the insider of the couple, who is looking for a big house to accommodate their blended family.

"They bicker constantly over Jen's diva demands and her ever-changing list of requirements. Nothing seems to be good enough for her, and Ben's getting bored and frustrated – sometimes he feels like nothing he does can make her happy,” the insider said.

“Finding something absolutely perfect has become an obsession and it's made the whole process a nightmare. Ben just wants her to choose a place and stick to it, but she's not having any of it."

According to TMZ, Affleck and Lopez are being ultra-picky while choosing their dream home as they have been making frequent visits to the property they are willing to buy.

After pulling out of a sale on a $34.5m property, sources told TMZ that it is still not certain if they would be buying the Pacific Palisades home. "This is at least the second house they've been in escrow on, but bailed on at the last minute,” the insider said.

"Jen can be red hot on a place one day, and change her mind by the next," the insider put the blame of their not sticking to one house on JLo. "Ben wasn't surprised at all when she lost interest in the last place.”

“Her doubts set in almost immediately after agreeing to buy it. She seems to get a kick out of looking at property after property and never actually making a final decision,” the source said.

As for Affleck, he is concerned about the huge amount of money this property will cost him. “The money is freaking him out,” the source noted.

“He’s spending double what he would normally, and Jen’s looking at even more expensive places,” the outlet shared. “Ben’s a wealthy guy, but he’s got plenty of outgoings, with his property in Georgia and the production company he and Matt Damon are starting.”

“It’s hard for him to admit, but he’s nowhere near Jen’s wealth level [$400m to his $150m],” the insider said while concluding. “Jen’s adamant that they’re the king and queen of Hollywood, so need their own castle, which is bigger and better than anyone else’s.”